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(Meetings) Stated Meetings Fourth Tuesday, except July


Oct. 2004

(Masters Message)
As we wind down this year of Masonry with the Grand View Lodge, members and friends will want to join us for our annual reunion scheduled for 6pm, Saturday, October 23. Special Note: This is a date change from October 16 to October 23. All members, family and friends are invited. Please call Eric Johnson, Master, by October 18 to make your reservations.

We are approaching elections for the forthcoming Masonic year that will be held during our next stated meeting, Tuesday, October 26. As usual, we will have a light meal at 6pm then move into the Lodge room for the meeting.

Installation of next year’s officers is scheduled for Saturday, November 6. Dinner will be served at 6pm and the Open Installation at 7pm. All members and friends are invited. Please call Eric Johnson, Master, by November 1 to make reservations.

Eric Johnson

September 2004
(Masters Message)
I am sure you noticed that the day light hours are getting shorter and the nights gradually getting longer. Yes, this is a natural phenomenon—one, that along with weather changes helps us appreciate living in the Midwest. It even lends itself to our moving our Masonic and family activities inside.

Yes, you suspected, this is just a lead in to my invitation to one and all to make a resolution to attend our monthly stated meetings, the monthly breakfast and the other Grand View Lodge activities. By the time you receive this, you can plan to join us on Saturday, September 11 for our monthly pancake and sausage breakfast. This is open to the public and we have quite a few neighbors and others drop in between 7am and 10am. You are especially invited and encouraged to bring along your family, friends and neighbors. The $4 price for all you can eat is right.

Members and other Masons are invited to join us for our stated meeting scheduled for the fourth Monday—September 28. Join us for a simple meal at 6pm and the stated meeting at 7pm.

We’ll be at the lodge from about 4pm thru about 7pm every night from Monday, September 27 through Friday, October 1 to receive items for our Rummage Sale scheduled for Saturday, October 2. Check your closets and the garage to see what you might have that you’re willing to contribute to help the Grand View Lodge help itself.

In closing, remember, our lifeline is membership development and retention. Every Mason is a member of the membership committee. Do you know a relative, friend, neighbor, coworker that might make a good Mason? Get a petition and help them fill it our and forward it to your Lodge office. Need a petition—just call me at 691-3184 and I’ll get one to you.

Eric Johnson


June 2004

(Masters Message)
Grand View Lodge just hosted their first “annual” hog roast a week ago. Weather was great and the park was the ideal place. While the turnout was not as great as we had hoped, it was OK and the food was tremendous. That hog was roasted to perfection. Special recognition and thanks to our fearless hunter, Brother Joe Everette, who tirelessly tracked the wild boar through the wilderness until he got that perfect arrow shot.

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day Holiday. We will return for Tuesday, June 1 practice on the 2nd degree in preparation for our actual degree work on June 8 for our candidate. We will meet at 7pm on each night.

Our next sausage and pancake breakfast is Saturday, June 12. We serve from 7am to 10am and the public is welcome. Bring the family, neighbors and potential Masons. This will be followed by breakfasts on July 10 and August 14.

Grand View’s Annual Reunion Night is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 16. We’ll kick the event off with a dinner then enjoy entertainment and the opportunity to recognize individuals for their contribution to Masonry and more specifically, to Grand View Lodge. This is for members, family and friends. More information later.

Eric Johnson


May 2004

(Masters Message)
The Grand View Lodge is active this spring. All masons, join us in the following activities coming up in the next couple of weeks. Even non-masons are invited to our breakfast on Saturday, May 8 and the hog roast on Saturday, May 15.

Tuesday, May 4. Grand View earned a perfect 100 on Phrase I of the Grand Lodge's Eureka Challenge. Now we meet to compete on the 2nd Phase. This is a test of our collective knowledge on Masonry. You don't have to "know it all." Just join us in the fun and kibitz.

Following the Eureka Challenge, we'll work on the 2nd degree in preparation for our candidate when he returns from Florida.

Saturday, May 8, Grand View will have at least two candidates participating in the Grand Master's Festival scheduled at the Valley of Peoria Scottish Rite Cathedral. Registration 6:30am--8am. Degree work starts at 8am.

Saturday, May 8. Grand View's Monthly Pancake Breakfast. Serving from 7am -- 10am. Open to the public. The $4 all you can eat sausages and pancakes can't be beat. Join us, bring the wife, girlfriend, family, neighbors. No reservations needed--just drop in and enjoy!

Saturday, May 15. Grand View 1112 Lodge's Hog Roast. This is a family and bring along a friend social event. No charge but we'll have a donation basket. Serving will be from 2pm until 6pm. Location: Peoria Benevolent Park located at the West end of Garfield Ave. in Bartonville--across the intersection, West of Airport Road and near the Alpha Park Library. Help us get this invitation out to all brothers.

Eric Johnson


April 2004

(Masters Message)
Plans are under way for Grand View's "Hog Roast" scheduled for Saturday, May 15, at the Peoria Police Benevolent Park located at the West end of Garfield Ave. in Bartonville--across the intersection of Airport Road and near the Alpha Park Library. We will start serving at 2PM and continuing until about 6PM. All Masons, their spouses, friends and especially potential Masons are invited. This is one of those opportunities for Masons to share their fellowship with others. A donation basket will be provided.

Our Lodge will present the 1st Degree on Tuesday, March 30, starting at 7PM. Practices on the Second Section of the Third Degree will continue on Tuesdays April 6 and 13 in preparation for the District School scheduled at Grand View on Tuesday, April 20. The District School will cover the Second Section of the 3rd Degree.

The Stated Meeting for April will be Tuesday, April 27. A meal will be served at 6PM and we will open 1-2-3 to welcome RWB Daniel C. Yandel at 7PM for his official visit.

All Masons are cordially invited to these practices and especially to our Stated meeting on April 27 to welcome our most distinguished guest.


Febuary 2004

(Masters Message)
The Grand View Lodge expresses it enthusiastic "Thanks" to Brother Joe Everette for furnishing the venison for our Chili Supper on January 27 and to Wor. Brother Floyd Stewart, the Chef who put everything together.

We're looking forward and invite all Grand View members as well as Masonic guests to our next stated meeting on February 24 . We've scheduled a dinner at 6pm followed by Stated Meeting at 7pm where we'll welcome DDGM Earl Wys for his official visit.

A committee chaired by Brother Bryon Johnson is working on developing an official Grand View Shirt that may be worn for Lodge meetings and other Lodge functions.

Brothers Jim Thornton and Verdie Stanley are co-chairing a committee for our participating in the Masonic Community Days. As an initial step, they have checked with the Village of Peoria Heights' administrative officers to determine forthcoming Heights activities in which our Lodge might participate. More information later.

During a special meeting and practice on February 3, the members present participated in the Grand Lodge's Eureka Challenge. Our official results have been forwarded to the Grand Lodge--now we wait for the results.

The officers have been practicing regularly preparing for opening on 1st Degree through the 3rd degree in preparation for our official visits on February 24 and March 23. We're looking pretty good but still need quite a bit of polishing on details.

Our Budget/Finance Committee Chaired by RWB Tom Yingling with WB Robert Heindselman, WB Carl Roth and Brother Mike Connor are continuing their work to provide fraternal financial guidance. We're OK, but need to exercise diligence through these challenging times.

Membership development has to take a high priority for all members. We all know individuals who could become assets to our fraternity and who could profit from the many rewards of the fraternity. Keep a petition handy for when it is needed. Need a petition--drop by the Lodge or contact me.

Our next stated meeting will be on Tuesday, February 24. Dinner at 6pm and meeting at 7pm.

Eric Johnson


January 2004

(Masters Message)
Take this opportunity to wish all Brothers a Happy New Year. We're planning to make 2004 a banner year for Grand View Lodge 1112 and starting off with concentrated focus on degree work every Tuesday night during the months of January and February. Usual degree workers should plan accordingly and other members who may not have been too active in degree work are encouraged to drop in. Also, other Masonic brothers are welcome. Come on in and we'll work you in.

Like most Lodges, we have a large number of members that haven't been too active. Some brothers have business that keeps them away and we understand. However, we think there may be some who would like to take a more active part but just don't know who, what, when or where. We're going to work on this and hope to contact our brothers and bring in those who would like to be more active in their lodge. More on this subject later.

Our regular stated meetings are 7pm, the fourth Tuesday of each month. We're streamlining them and trying to make them interesting. For example, join us on January 27th for a chili supper starting at 6pm.

Best wishes for 2004.
Eric Johnson


November 2003

(Masters Message)
The Grand View Lodge November meeting is scheduled for 7pm, Tuesday, November 25. I hope we have a good turnout for the meeting as we have some important decisions to make. As an example, would our lodge like to participate in:
1. The Lodge Officer Competition for 2004?
2. Would we like to take an active part in sponsoring an Academic Bowl in one of our local high schools? High School tournament dates will be late February and early March 2004.
3. Would we like to participate in the "Masonic Community Days" planed for June 21--July 5, 2004? The objective of this program is to increase public awareness of our lodge and the fraternity at the local level within our community.
4. Would our officers like to enter the 2004 Grand Master's Award of Excellence Program? This would be a challenge but our lodge could only prosper with our participation.

We are continuing to work on membership development and we should have two new enthusiastic members with us by our next meeting and we have two working on other degrees.

I would like to remind members and visitors alike that Grand View's monthly pancake breakfast is scheduled from 7am to 10am, the second Saturday each month--the next being Saturday, December 13. The price, at $4.50, is right, the fellowship can't be beat and it is open to the public. Bring the family, bring a friend, bring a prospective member or just come on in and join us.

Eric Johnson

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