GrandView Lodge 1112 Peoria Heights Illinois

  Grand View Lodge
No. 1112
A.F. and A.M. of Illinois
3819 N Prospect Rd.
Peoria Heights,
Illinois 61616 U.S.A.


  Lodge Phone:{309}688-8859
Secretary Phone:(309)243-8073


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7-10 am Pancake and sausage breakfast


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(Meetings): Stated Meetings Fourth Tuesday, except July 7:00pm
Grand View Lodge No. 1112
3819 N Prospect Rd.
Peoria Heights, Illinois 61616 U.S.A.
Phone: (309) 688-8859


Master - Bryon Johnson
Senior Warden - Michael Connors
Junior Warden - Joe Everette
Treasurer - Robert G. Heindselman
Secretary - Thomas Yingling


June-July 2007
Greetings Brethren,
Our lodge is undergoing a major project starting this week. We are having the exterior painted and will soon look as fresh as the flowers that are starting to bloom in the gardens. We are also looking forward to painting the inside of the lodge hall soon and for that we will need your help either with a brush in hand or perhaps a monetary donation to help off set the cost. Your help is always welcomed and your support is appreciated. Thank you.
Other news: We are currently working on having a 3rd degree the third Tuesday of June and we have several candidates who have petitioned our lodge and will soon start their journey into Free Masonry!
As always we encourage you to attend our pancake breakfast the second Saturday of each month and hope to see you at the next meeting!
Fraternally ,
Bryon Johnson
Worshipful Master GV #1112



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• Brethren, our pancake breakfast brought in $1,944 with expenses of $679 for a net gain of $1,265 the last Fiscal year. Without this income we would not survive. Please help support our efforts.

• Congratulations to Brother Parky Hacker on attaining 50 years in Masonry.

• We have lost another member to the Grand Lodge above. Brother Kenneth White, a 50-year member, died Feb. 2, 2007. We mourn with his family and pray for his spirit.

• Many lodges are including in their trestle boards ads from members and local business at a nominal cost. Some are business card size and other larger. We need to find a way to get more revenue to support our Lodge and this may be a way. If anyone will take this on to secure such ads, I will arrange to include them in the Trestle Board. Please let me know if you will help.

• I want to publicly thank Don Sulaski for his work in keeping our parking lots clear of snow. We really appreciate this.

• I also want to thank Don Aultman for his excellent work on our web site. If you are able, check it out on:

• The Grand Lodge now has a program whereby, if you know a good man, you may suggest his name and he made be elected. He then is given an “Invitation to Petition” and if he does so, he can begin his degrees. This is a good program and many lodges are reporting good success in getting candidates.




Tom Yingling, Secretary



We have a building committee that has reviewed necessary upkeep to your lodge building. This includes, but not limited to such things as repaint the interior ofthe dining room, resurface the floor with a more modem surface. Our present cream paint on the walls and the green asphalt tile floor are more than just a little out dated and _do ,not reflect favorably onoour fraternity.

Also, if you have driven by recently, you will notice that the exterior is in need of a new paint job. The white color is quite fme but it is weathering.

Finally, the Lodge Room itself needs sprucing up. You might not notice it at first but the walls reflect some plaster/concrete block deterioration from water seepage in the past. Repainting needed.

Just like our homes-we need to keep up with needed maintenance. The purpose of mentioning this at this time is we're looking for possible solutions to these needs. Do you have connections or ideas that might help us in this matter?




July. 17 Practice 7 pm
July. 24 1st Degree 7 pm
July. 31 Practice 7 pm
Aug. 7 Practice 7 pm
Aug. 11 Pancake/Sausage Breakfast 7am-10am
Aug. 14 Dark (Shrine Metting)
Aug. 21 2nd Degree 7 pm
Aug. 28 Stated Meeting 7pm


Other masonic affilated bodies that meet at the Grandview Lodge Building are as follows:

Order of Amaranth (ladies & men) - 1st Monday
White Shrine (ladies & men) - 2nd Monday
Universal Council Craftsman of Engineers (with ladies) - 4th Wednesday
Shiller Lodge #335 - Stated Meeting - 3rd Thursday



Peoria York Rite bodies - Every Friday. Stated meeting the 2nd Friday.
Usual parctice schedule:
Chapter Practice or degrees - 1st Friday;
Council practice or degrees - 3rd Friday;
Commandery practice or degree - 4th Friday



GrandView 1112

Elected Officers
WORSHIPFUL MASTER  Bro. Bryon Johnson Email  (309)688-8859
SENIOR WARDEN  Bro. Michael D. Conners Email (309)693-7040
JUNIOR WARDEN  Bro. Joseph Everette Email (309)686-9734
TREASURER  Wor. Bro. Robert G. Heindselman Email (309)693-1460
SECRETARY  R.W.. Bro. Thomas L. Yingling Email (309)243-8073
Appointed Officers
CHAPLAIN  W. Bro. James Thornton Email (309)251-3178
SENIOR DEACON  Bro. John R. (Jack) Baize Email (309)691-6569
JUNIOR DEACON  Elmer "Mac" McIntosh Email (309)694-6940
SENIOR STEWARD  Bro. Craig A. Roberts  (309) 550-0513
JUNIOR STEWARD W. Bro. David A. Sanderson   (309)579-2026
MARSHAL  W. Bro. Eric Johnson Email (309)691-3184
TYLER  W. Bro. Robert C. Carr Email (309)681-1033
ORGANIST  W. Bro. John L. Becker (309)682-7511
WEBMASTER  Bro. Don Aultman Email (309)635-6020



Members of Grandview who are instructors: Elmer (Mac) McIntosh - Grand Lecturer; and Tom Yingling - Past Member of Board of Grand Examiners.
GrandView 1112        GrandView 1112


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