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A.F. & A.M. of Illinois
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Freemasonry is a charitable and educational society, dedicated to morality, mutual aid, charity, leadership, religious toleration, and political freedom.

Freemasonry is not a stuffy secret club for old guys. Freemasonry is relevant and needed in a world desperate for organizations dedicated to serving humanity and local communities, honorable living, tolerance, moderation, self-reliance, equality and liberty.

Freemasons unite with each other and their families in bonds of friendship and mutual assistance. A mutual tie that in this world is greatly needed.

With special interests trying to dominate the world, the former barriers of distance and oceans being ineffective, and our modern means of destruction which could annihilate all civilization; there is a definite need for better understanding throughout the world.

In its efforts to improve the individual, Freemasonry urges the practice of Brotherly Love, strives to promote Universal Peace; and while it claims no monopoly on the worthwhile virtues, it offers proven doctrines of moral living in scientific order.

It is equally important to understand what Freemasonry does not mean.

There have always been those who oppose fraternal orders, and when the objections of such individuals or groups have ended in fragmentation, they have always resorted to classifying Freemasonry as a "secret" order with the implication that "secret" is also corrupt, deceitful, or sinful.

The purposes, aims, and doctrines of Freemasonry have never been concealed, and have been well discussed in many publications which remain available in public libraries. It is also noted that corrupt and deceitful organizations soon disappear while Freemasonry has withstood the tests of all ages.

Freemasonry is not a mere social institution even though it provides social contact and many friendships have begun in the Lodge; but its primary purpose has always been, and still remains the advancement of its doctrines of Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, Justice, Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

It is not an insurance or burial society, or a vehicle to increase one's personal business ambitions, or special material interests. Masons are not required to patronize each other, and many material benefits which may come to a Mason will result from the reputation he establishes and maintains, and not because he became a member of a Masonic Lodge.

Freemasonry requires a belief in God, and while it is religious in its concepts, it is not a religion or a substitute for the Church. The Masonic Ritual teaches responsibility to God and dependence on God, and should therefore strengthen one's loyalty to his church.

Religious discussions often result in disagreement and for this reason such discussions are prohibited in Lodge. That which might disrupt the harmony among the members cannot be tolerated.

In the interest of harmony, partisan political discussions are also prohibited. A Mason's political beliefs are his own, although they must conform to the principles of good citizenship. Even a member running for political office has no right to expect the support of other Masons merely because he is a member of the Lodge.

What Are the
Requirements for Membership?

Twenty-two words establish the most important prerequisite to becoming a Mason:

"...We receive none, knowingly, into our ranks who are not moral and upright before God and of good repute before the world..."

"Freemasonry builds its Temples
in the hearts of men."

Try Freemasonry!

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